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Franz Kafka's

A Hunger Artist


May 31 - June 27th, 2017
at the Connelly Theater
as part of The Tank's Flint & Tinder series

"Are you still starving?
When are you going to stop...?"

Adapted by the company:


Performed by
Jonathan Levin

Written by
Josh Luxenberg

Directed by
Joshua William Gelb


What begins as a nostalgic celebration of a lost art form—and its most famous practitioner—becomes a darkly funny trip into the very question of what it means to suffer, and what it means when suffering becomes a public spectacle. In this inventive adaptation of Kafka's tragicomic story "A Hunger Artist," actor, puppeteer and Sinking Ship co-artistic director Jonathan Levin gives a playful and startling performance as the only person who remembers an artist whose act was simply… to hunger.

Beautifully imagined… full of heart… riddled with very fun surprises, unfolding with ingenuity… It left me mentally and emotionally satiated.
— Elizabeth McGuire, Culturebot

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