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Stage Manager

A Hunger Artist
at the Connelly Theater, NYC
June 2017

Sinking Ship seeks a non-equity production stage manager for A Hunger Artist. Adapted from the Kafka short story, this is a one-person physical theater performance running at the Connelly Theater in June 2017 as part of The Tank's Flint & Tinder series. We are looking for someone who is well-organized, has a sense of humor and who can stay cool under pressure. The PSM will also operate the sound, which includes live cueing in response to what’s happening on stage during a particular segment of the performance. We’re particularly interested therefore in someone who has a good sense of comedic timing.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Running all rehearsals and performances
  • Arriving early to all rehearsals and performances to set up the space
  • Communicating with designers (let them know when designer runs are and what changes arise in rehearsal)
  • Tracking script changes
  • Writing and sending daily calls to artistic team
  • Writing and sending rehearsal and performance reports to the artistic team
  • Coordinating with PSM for Streepshow (which we will be in rep with)
  • Coordinating and overseeing changeover from Hunger Artist to Streepshow
  • Keeping team on schedule during rehearsals, tech, and performances
  • Calling the show
  • Operating sound
  • All other duties customarily performed by a PSM

PSM will oversee an ASM (who will perform run crew duties). ASM will begin work just prior to tech.
The production will run for 21 performances from May 31-June 27, 2017 at the Connelly Theater in Manhattan. Rehearsals start at the beginning of May.

Fee: $1000
Contact: Please send resume and a short paragraph introducing yourself and your interest in the project to our producer, Audrey Frischman: