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New YOrk

"Directed by Joshua William Gelb from an elegant script by Josh Luxenberg, this visually arresting 'Hunger Artist' leads with enchantment... [Jon Levin] holds the audience in the palm of his hand."
—The New York Times
Critics Pick!
"Surprisingly lovable... full of jokes and sudden sympathy... The artist starves but we leave sated."
—Time Out New York
It’s almost as if Kafka himself willed it into being."
—The Huffington Post
"Beautifully imagined... full of heart... unfolding with ingenuity... It left me mentally and emotionally sated."
"Boisterously funny and chokingly sad... through pure showmanship it defies expectation at almost every turn."
"Makes you want to stand up and cheer. Possibly the best solo performance of the year!"
—New York Irish Arts
"Thoroughly captivating... devastatingly beautiful and ever so touching... it won’t easily be forgotten."
—Front Mezz Junkies


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"A bravura display of theatrical skill... the best, most complete work I've seen this year. If I had a sixth star, it would get one."
"A magnificent performance that manages to enthrall and transport!"
—British Theatre Guide
"Ingeniously constructed... I simply have to say go and see it, you will not be disappointed."
—Theatre Full Stop
★★★★ ½
"One of the most imaginative shows… at this year’s Fringe!"
—Theatre Full Stop